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From the street to the screen: the demise of our high streets

In recent weeks, we have seen further retreats from trading on the UK high streets from some longstanding retailers; a possible result of the national COVID restrictions. This has left shop owners across the country wondering if normality will ensue when restrictions ease, or whether shopping culture has changed to the point of no return for the high street. 

Has the world changed forever?

In 2020, the year of the Coronavirus, the world saw a monumental shift in our global lifestyle, and despite the huge vaccination roll-out commencing, the effects of the pandemic on our economy and society will persist throughout 2021. As a result of the societal changes caused by the pandemic, businesses have had to adapt rapidly to mirror the emergence and evolution of new cultures.

The London Marathon: An experience to treasure

The coverage of this year’s London Marathon over the weekend brought back memories of when I participated in 2018. The main joy of the event was raising some £9,000 for charity. And, even though I vowed that I would never ever do anything like that ever again because of the sheer exhaustion it created, I am now back training.

Equity vs Debt – Which does your small business really need?

Lots of businesses want to raise funds – very few are actually successful. This is because the job of fundraising is poorly understood. Before you start on the fundraising journey the most important step is to identify whether you need equity or debt – or a combination.

How to prepare for selling a business for maximum value

When you’re involved in a business sale as an HR Director many elements come into play. In order to generate the best offers for your business, I have a number of tips and strategies you need to be aware of.

Changing for Good

Organisational changes don’t always result in increased profitability. In fact, in some cases, change damages the bottom line and leads to a reduction in profit. My top eight tips for how recruiters can protect profitability while implementing business change.

Raising finance – The one-page pitch and the business deck

There is a subtle art to raising funds for your business. By following my tips, you are more likely to be successful at raising the money you need. Preparation, putting in the necessary time, and perseverance are all key aspects of the funding raising process.

Buying a business? Due Diligence is vital

You may want to expand your business through acquisition, or you may want to sell your company.  In either situation you need to go about the process in a systematic way which means becoming familiar with due diligence. Here are my eight suggested steps to guide you.

Relaunching Hyman Capital

We’re relaunching Hyman Capital Services Ltd; Hyman Capital is a combination of a merchant bank, big four services (excluding audit and accounting) and a consulting business.

The 2+2 tour

An extended business trip to the Middle East and Asia always sounds exciting, but the long days and jet lag soon mount up!

Back to reality

Trying to get back into the habit of blogging. I’ve got a lot to say.

How to stimulate growth in the SME sector

Its not just availability of credit which is vital – its CEO’s and management teams who can grow their businesses.

Rate decrease and what this means

Why bank rate cuts won’t work